Do not abandon the school apostolate;… renew our commitment to schools… indeed, everything possible must be done… to ensure that they are accessible to people of all social and economic strata -Pope Benedict XVI
School Admissions Policy:

St. Augustine Academy is open to all qualified students without regard to race, color, creed, nationality or ethnic origin. The school does not discriminate on the basis or race, color, sex, or national and ethnic origin in the administration of any of its policies. This policy does not conflict with the priority given to the admission or employment of Catholics.

 All students will go through a process of successful testing and family interviews prior to admittance to St. Augustine Academy. An admissions committee will recommend enrollment. More details can be found in the admissions packet.

All students of St. Augustine Academy who exhibit satisfactory academic and social performances may receive an invitation to re-enroll for the coming academic year. This invitation will need to be accepted by a given date in order to ensure a place in the class for the coming year.

Financial Aid:

Although Saint Augustine Academy’s very existence depends upon each family making the maximum possible financial contribution, the school intends, to the extent possible, to make the education it offers available to all who desire it. St. Augustine Academy is a leader in the growing movement of providing affordable classical academies in the Catholic tradition. Our tuition rates are among the lowest in the county of Ventura. (Compare Catholic Schools in Ventura County)

Accordingly, financial aid is available on the basis of need. Those wishing to request aid must complete a FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment online at  FACTS will collect the financial data that matters and because funds are limited, aid will be awarded on a need basis.  Applications must be submitted BEFORE May 1st or funds may not be available.  If you need assistance with FACTS, please call their Customer Care Representative at 866.441.4637.

Tuition 2020-21:

Kindergarten – 8th Grade:  $6,300

High School (9-12): $7,440