Upper Campus

The upper campus address is 130 South Wells Road Ventura, CA 93004
School Phone is 805-672-0411


Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

Saint Augustine Academy students grow in the theological, intellectual and moral virtues, pursuing Heaven, the Truth, and the Good by becoming persons who:

1. Cultivate the baptismal gifts of Faith, Hope, and Charity
2. Know, defend, and live the Holy Catholic Faith
3. Frequent Mass, the Sacraments, and traditional Catholic devotions
4. Show reverence to God and His Creation

1. Attain the tools of life-long learning: the liberal arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric
2. Seek to understand what is true, desire what is good, and love what is beautiful
3. Explore the splendors of Creation through the precision of empirical science and mathematics
4. Examine, from a Christocentric perspective, human nature in history and in the master works of literature

1. Form and inform a correct and Catholic conscience so as to better delight in the things one ought to delight in and to shun the things one ought to shun
2. Grow in virtue, which is the fruit and seed of morally good acts, making possible self-mastery, ease, and joy in leading a morally good life
3. Contribute to the common good of civil society by accepting the duties of citizenship, promoting the dignity and sanctity of all persons inherent in an authentic Culture of Life, and exercising stewardship over the natural world
4. Recognize the resounding call to life-long conversion of heart, thereby engendering compassion and forgiveness for our fellow man

Financial Aid:

Although its very existence depends upon each family making the maximum possible financial contribution, the school intends, to the extent possible, to make the education it offers available to all who desire it. St. Augustine Academy is a leader in the growing movement of providing affordable classical academies in the Catholic tradition. Our tuition rates are among the lowest in the county of Ventura.

Accordingly, financial aid is available on the basis of need. Those wishing to request aid must complete a FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment online at www.online.factsmgt.com/aid.  FACTS will collect the financial data that matters and because funds are limited, aid will be awarded on a need basis.  Applications must be submitted BEFORE May 1st or funds may not be available.  If you need assistance with FACTS, please call their Customer Care Representative at 866.441.4637.


Kindergarten – 8th Grade:  $6,300

High School: $7,440