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Is this Catholic School too good to be true?

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sister with kidsToday we gather to forge new friendships and renew old ones while we move into our third decade of serving our children, families, community, nation and Church.

We enter together, as a community of learners – students, supporters,teachers and parents – to fulfill the task, outlined in our mission, of forming our theological, intellectual and moral virtues as we pursue Heaven, the Truth and the Good.

Learn how our students have not been hardened by secular culture…

jump-roping-660-cropped…they have not lost their innocence or youthful joy. The credit for this goes to the parents who are committed and knowledgeable Catholics who foster a wholesome home life centered on the Sacraments and family prayer. They send us normal children who are happy and well-adjusted. The Catholic concept of marriage and family life predominates at our school and this enables teachers to focus on teaching!

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Because we are such a small school with a total enrollment of less than 180 students from Kindergarten through 12th grade and we believe that all Catholic children should have a chance to attend regardless of financial ability we need your help.