This Friday, March 2nd, children will be dismissed 12:30 at the Upper Campus. Any volunteers to drive the children from the Lower Campus would be appreciated. Please let Mrs. VH know.

Parents are always welcome to attend Mass. Rec Day this Friday is always open to the entire school.

Correction: Classical Day is March 15 at the Upper Campus and will *not* be a half day. Students will be dropped off at the Lower Campus and will be dismissed from the Upper Campus at regular time. The entire Lower School will be participating as Roman Messengers, which Mrs. VH has the costumes for them. Children should wear shorts and a t-shirt that day.

Mrs. VH will be having Parent-Teacher Conferences the week of March 5-9 with two time slots available. One from 2:15-2:45 and the other 2:45-3:15. Parents who are interested in a conference should sign up at pick-up or drop-off, or alternatively, let Mrs. VH know which slot they want.